By Ken Cochrum

In his first book, Ken Cochrum tackles the challenges most distance leaders experience as they get no more than a total of 40 hours per year of face-to-face and phone/online contact with those they lead. 

Available on Amazon, “Close: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures” (Create Space, ISBN 1492922005) was designed to be read on a two hour flight by busy executives and ministry leaders. It clearly explains the shifts needed for 21st century global leaders. How do you effectively lead, motivate, inspire, and coach someone who lives in a different country, culture, or time zone? Cochrum address these questions in an easy-to-grasp paradigm of servanthood, distance leadership, and cross-cultural leadership based on 3 decades of leadership, 13 years of international living, and three years of research and personal interviews with more than 80 global leaders.

In his current role, Cochrum leads people on every continent except Antarctica. Ken said, “I have been observing leaders and studying leadership for over a quarter of a century. I’ve witnessed good leaders, bad leaders, great leaders and a handful of extraordinary leaders. It’s my conviction that anyone can lead well within their sphere of influence if they care enough about people and keep learning.”

Among many endorsements, Greg Leith, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Relations at Biola University said, “I’d knock off the book I had been given in about an hour, I said to myself. 11 hours later, I was still underlining, thinking, pondering, praying, dreaming, and underlining some more. If you DO lead a team like that, get the book. If you DON’T lead a team like that, GET THE BOOK. Why? Ken’s thinking is profound in its depth of concept, prolific in its external resource sharing, practical in its examples, and powerful.”

Free Kindle Download Week is June 16-20th and people are invited to share the book with friends and colleagues. “CLOSE: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures” is available at Amazon.

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