Leadership Productivity

Is Your Leadership Messy Enough?

Confession: I love working from a clean desk. My creativity blossoms when I see a clean whiteboard or a fresh page in my journal. At least to start something. But once the ideas get flowing and people and projects come together I have learned, over many years in leading, that mess is best. Over the […]

Digital Leadership Productivity

What is Digital Maturity?

What is Digital Maturity? How digitally mature is the organization you work for? One year ago I didn’t even understand the question, much less have any way to answer it. Over the past 12 months a number of my colleagues and I have been exploring the implications of being digitally immature in a 21st century […]


Striving to Enter God’s Rest

Ann and I just returned from a much needed five-week sabbatical season of rest, reflection, and renewal. Our two main goals were simply to spend unhurried time connecting with God and with each other. One highlight for me was getting in the habit of sleeping eight hours per night. It’s amazing how much easier it […]