Leading Amid a Changing Culture

As culture changes quickly, we see new challenges as leaders. In English, the acronym VUCA has been used to describe this environment as full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. These four aspects of a changing culture require a different style of leadership than what may have worked in the past.

Leadership Productivity

How Sabbatical Helped Me Starve My Ego and Feed My Soul

This was all about my heart and soul. For six weeks I set aside everything related to my regular work: no email, no meetings, no phone calls, no airplanes, no texts with teammates, no strategizing or problem-solving, no conversations about work (not even with my wife who works in the same organization). I decided I would go against my type-A nature and be completely unproductive: no major house projects, no writing, no nothing.

Digital Leadership

Are You A Keeper Of The Vision?

How clear and simple is your vision? When God brings a fresh vision for necessary change, he raises up people to carry those ideas forward. A few years ago God brought a fresh vision to the non-profit ministry in which I serve. A vision that we weren’t quite sure how to implement. A vision that […]