Social Networking Is Not A Fad

If you think social networking is a fad, check out these numbers….

People thought Gutenberg’s press was a fad, until unschooled laymen learned to read.

People thought the internet was a fad, until it became an integral part of everyday life.

If you think social networking is a fad that will soon pass, you may want to take a look at the numbers in “The History of Social Networking” (courtesy of

The History of Social Networking


By Ken

Dr. Ken Cochrum (DMin, Bethel University) is Vice President of Global Digital Strategies at Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in Orlando, Florida. An avid cyclist and aspiring guitarist, he also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas and a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He recently co-founded, a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. He previously served as vice president of Cru’s student-led movements worldwide. He and his wife Ann spent 13 years in East Asia where they raised their two children. Ken blogs regularly at

3 replies on “Social Networking Is Not A Fad”

Such a marvelous confluence of complexity and simplicity. A rare historical treat to be able to sit back, let motivated genius figure out ways for us to connect with others and then to take and use the gift.

Great job summarizing where we have been, and a bit of how we got here. The evolution is fascinating to consider, especially when I think about how different that evolution contrasts with the rise of the personal computer.

The PC was in the possession of more than one person, and took guys like Jobs and Gates to bring it to market.

The net, and social networking in particular, seemingly has always been out there for the taking.

Great job.

Worthy of my time.

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