Three Prayers for 2020

Welcome to 2020! It’s a milestone for many of our organizations and ministries in terms of vision and faith goals. For the global digital community in which I serve, we are halfway into a bold and realistic two-year Vision Map. At the start of each new year, I take a few days to reflect, pray and seek God. As 2020 gets underway, here are three prayers the Lord has laid on my heart.

For Love. Love is my word for the year. I was down to two options and brought them before my prayer partners. They asked, “Do we get a vote?” “Sure.” “It’s love,” came their response. They affirmed my desire to grow in listening and selfless “agape.” I want to grow in more deeply loving God and loving people. 

For Spiritual Vitality. The fullness of the Holy Spirit brings joy and lightness to life that is otherwise inexplicable. Earlier this month our executive team met for our annual five-day offsite retreat. We spent the first 36 hours in prayer, listening to the Lord, opening the Scriptures using lectio divina, and creating space for Jesus. I returned from that week so deeply refreshed and filled with hope. My heart is making melody to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19). I want to taste this fruit daily in 2020.

After God’s Own Heart. I’m currently studying King David’s life and many of the psalms he wrote. When we walk among the heroes of Scripture we seek to imitate their faith. Here is what I am praying for you, and for myself, in this new year: 

“Lord, make us leaders after Your own heart. May we serve with integrity of heart and skillful hands, inquire of You before every big decision, worship and sing with passion, repent when confronted with our own sin, and fast and pray to draw near to You. As You did with your servant David, Lord, please give us victory wherever we go. Use us to fulfill Your purposes in our generation.”

By Ken

Dr. Ken Cochrum (DMin, Bethel University) is Vice President of Global Digital Strategies at Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in Orlando, Florida. An avid cyclist and aspiring guitarist, he also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas and a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He recently co-founded, a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. He previously served as vice president of Cru’s student-led movements worldwide. He and his wife Ann spent 13 years in East Asia where they raised their two children. Ken blogs regularly at

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