GodTools Updated – Download Now

Greetings from Amsterdam, where 120 digital strategists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, film makers, graphics designers, UX/UI folks, and coders begin meetings tonight for our final Indigitous event for this season. I’ve just come from Addis, Ethiopia, where a similar event produced a dozen projects in two days. One of these projects, the GodTools Update, reworked a classic tool,… Continue reading GodTools Updated – Download Now

How To Maximize Your Learning at Events

As a leader you probably find yourself attending many meetings, conferences, retreats, and networking events. These external connections serve a crucial function in your role as a spokesperson — and learner — on behalf of your organization.

Seek Rhythm, Not Balance

The longer I live and the more places I visit, the more I appreciate changes in season. This week the weather in Orlando, Florida, where I live, shifted from dark-soggy-winter-chill to warm-bright-spring. The change naturally invites me to be outdoors more, leave work a bit early, and enjoy some long bike rides. My motivation wasn’t… Continue reading Seek Rhythm, Not Balance