Close: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures by Ken Cochrum

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How do you effectively lead, motivate, inspire, and coach someone you lead who lives in a different country, culture, or time zone?

If you’re leading people in other locations, cultures or time zones, “CLOSE” will help you meet the challenges of 21st century leadership. I wrote this book to save you 3 years on a very steep learning curve.

Designed to be read on a two-hour flight by busy executives and ministry leaders, “CLOSE: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures” clearly explains the shifts needed for 21st century global leadership. When polled about actual time spent in face-to-face and mediated communication, most distance leaders admitted they only had 20-40 hours of communication per year. That’s five days! In CLOSE, I present an easy-to-grasp paradigm of servanthood, distance leadership, and cross-cultural leadership based on three years of research and personal interviews with more than 80 global leaders.

What Others Are Saying About Close

“As a cutting edge global leader, Ken’s insights into the challenges and solutions posed by both distance and culture are excellent. Anyone striving to lead globally would be well served learning from this veteran practitioner.”
MICHAEL SPRAGGINS, CEO of Spraggins Inc. and Chairman of LifeNet International

“Leading well, and developing other leaders, is hard enough when you only have to walk down the hallway to complete the task. But leading across many miles and over barriers of language and culture can feel utterly overwhelming. In Close, Ken Cochrum speaks with authority on the subject of leadership. He himself is an exceptionally strong leader, and he has invested his life in developing other leaders, both close at hand and across great distance. It has been observed that the Church will only rise to the level of its leadership. Ken helps us to raise the level of our own effectiveness in a new era of global leadership challenges. I am grateful for his insights shared in this book, and especially for his investment in my own life.”
Dr. BRIAN G. FISHER, Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church

“Through his years of leading across distance and culture, Ken Cochrum has gained unique perspective on what leading well looks like. In Close: Leading Well across Distance and Cultures Ken blends practical insights with rich theory and research, and provides essential advice for today’s leaders. Globalization and the associated technological advances have brought the cultures and peoples of the world together. Ken provides guidance for navigating this new world of leadership effectively. It’s my pleasure to commend Ken and this resource as you seek to engage the leadership opportunities before you.”
JUSTIN A. IRVING, Ph.D., Director, Doctor of Ministry & Professor of Ministry Leadership, Bethel University

“Ken is a man of personal and professional excellence. In Close he has written a thoughtful and well-researched book that is grounded in his own extensive experience of learning and leading large. Ken is master of converting complex topics into practical actions that empower leaders. I highly recommend anything Ken writes.”
HOLLY SHELDON, International Missionary for 26 years, Executive Director of 100%Sent Initiative, Cru

“Close is a must-have for everybody leading in this 21st century social media society. It is an excellent, easy-to-read book about leadership in a natural way. It shows the “how to’s” and it is an amazing asset to look at what happens in the world as an opportunity and not as a threat. Ken is a person who leads by example. I have had the privilege to see him act as a vulnerable, authentic and flexible leader. Just read and practice this book to learn how to lead by influencing.”
JAN-WILLEM BOSMAN, Executive Leader of, Agape Netherlands

“In this quick-to-read and clear-to-grasp book, Ken, my friend and teammate, presents a distilled essence of leading over distance and across cultures. True to his ability to communicate complex issues in simple terminologies, in this book, Ken has skillfully integrated his global missionary and leadership experiences of over 20 years, the essential findings of his doctoral thesis, and some important biblical principles of leadership. As we lead in this fast-paced and more globalized 21st century environment, Close helps us overcome the challenges of distance, culture, and resources so that we are more effective in our leadership.”
Dr. BEKELE SHANKO, Vice President, Campus Crusade for Christ, Global Church Movements

Available now on and Kindle.

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