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Two Great Quotes on Self-Leadership

In their article “SuperLeadership: Beyond the Myth of Heroic Leadership” authors Charles Manz and Henry P. Sims, Jr. question whether the heroic figure of a leader is the most appropriate image of the organizational leader of today. Their answer: true leadership comes mainly from within a person, not from outside. Thus the challenge for any […]


Inbox Zero = Sabbath Rest

Sure, Hillary climbed Everest. But how often did he do this? How does one achieve such a blessed state? As with all great human endeavors, it begins with a compelling vision. In my case, this vision takes the form of “I want to go home every weekend seeing the bottom of my inbox. I want […]

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Big Win for a Non: Wikipedia

This should be interesting. Wikimedia (the non-profit foundation that supports Wikipedia) has just announced that it is going to open it up its strategic planning process. In a world where most strategic plans are designed by a few behind closed doors it’s nice to breathe some fresh air. This HBR post explains how Wikipedia will […]