Productivity Teamwork

My Team Just Died

Groupthink can be a killer. At a conference I’m attending we had a group synergy exercise. The facilitator broke us into groups of 6-10 people, then read us this scenario: You are the only survivors of a plane crash. It’s January and you are somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. Daytime temps are 25 below zero; […]

Leadership Movements Students

The Heart of Student-led Movements

Valeree Joy Rillon of Manila, Philippines, constantly radiates joy and inspires others with her passion for life. She serves as a coach with Campus Crusade for Christ. Val explores the heart of student-led movements in this guest post. Someone asked me to answer the question, “How are you adjusting from staff-led to student-led?” And so I came […]


Strategic Personal Intent

Dear new global leader, Welcome to our final morning together. You’ve heard a lot this week about loving God, loving people, and learning how to embrace a scope of responsibility for our mission that extends to 10 or 20 nations. The challenge you face is daunting. Yet God has called you and he goes before […]