Leadership Productivity

Eating Digital Meat

Read through the Bible, cover to cover, at least once every two years. That was some of the best advice I received from a mentor during my first year of ministry. This week I hit the halfway mark on my 14th pass through the Bible, and I’m enjoying a fresh twist.
This year I committed to eat 100% digital meat.

Culture Leadership

4 Cultural Shifts Affecting You Now

Recently a friend asked me this question: What are 3-5 forces or key variables that will affect the growth of our ministry? After pondering his question for several days, I responded with these four cultural shifts that are affecting you and me right now. 1.┬áCultural shifts that reflect an underlying and often inexplicit post-modern worldview. […]

Leadership Students

First, Change the Paradigms

If things didn’t need to change we wouldn’t need you to lead. We could get by with some excellent management of existing resources. We could keep producing what we produced last year. We could point people to last week’s message (or book, or meeting, or event) and talk about how well things went. All of […]