What Is Coaching, Anyway?

The recent surge in the personal coaching profession indicates that people today are hungry for answers. What drives someone to pay anywhere from $250 to $1200 (or more) per month for a weekly 45 minute phone call? I believe it’s partly due to our innate, God-given desire to grow, improve, and succeed. During the past… Continue reading What Is Coaching, Anyway?

Communication: “Where’s My Screen?”

“Where’s my screen?” blurted the middle-aged woman next to me while we waited for the Indiana Jones show to begin at Disney World. Her rummaging instantly produced a sleek iPhone. We still had 10 more minutes to blow, why not get a little bit of work done while waiting? Over-35’s value smartphones as a means… Continue reading Communication: “Where’s My Screen?”

Do What You Say You Will Do

We live in a world that overpromises and underdelivers. This cancerous downward trend is reinforced daily by advertisers, politicians, and vocalist auditions on the hit TV show American Idol. This constant separation between words and deeds produces the inevitable fruit of distrust and cynicism. Rather than expecting people to be truthful and honoring their word,… Continue reading Do What You Say You Will Do