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My Thesis: A Paradigm for 21st Century Global Leaders

Do you wake up every day with a calling to lead people you can’t physically see or touch? Do you regularly engage in team or project work with people from other cultures? Do you long for the hype of “leader as omnipotent hero” to give way to a more authentic model of “leader as servant?” […]

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5 Links to Improve Your Virtual Teamwork

Do you increasingly find yourself involved in teams, work groups, projects or task forces that require working with people you don’t see every day? Welcome to the growing world of virtual teaming. Here are five brief posts and to help you contribute your best to your virtual team. 1. Embrace the New Rules of Work […]

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Guest post: 3 Essentials for Shared Leadership

Guest blogger Gary Runn has served with Cru for over 30 years. For the past five years he and his family served in Florence, Italy where he focused on leadership development for the national ministry. He currently serves as National Director for Leadership Development of Cru City in Austin, Texas. He’s also my brother-in-law and […]