Mott’s Vital Objective

Last week Ann and I hosted a long-time friend in the journey for dinner and languishing conversation. Holly Sheldon brought with her two gifts, both first-edition books written by missions statesman John R. Mott. I have been captivated by some of Mott’s observations and inquiries on the state of Christianity among college students in 1923.… Continue reading Mott’s Vital Objective

John Mott on Establishing Movements

This is a long post, and well worth our time to digest. John Mott, global Christian statesman and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946 for developing volunteer Protestant movements, distills the essence of Christian movement-building for us. If you feel lost in emerging- missional- organic- apostolic- leader/follower-speak, Mott will refresh you. LESSONS I… Continue reading John Mott on Establishing Movements