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Video: We Are Student-led

If you find yourself wondering whether today’s students have the vision, character and passion to lead change in this generation, don’t miss this amazing story of God’s grace lived out through 7,000+ students from over 100 campuses across Ethiopia. My friend Tariku Fufa says “this is all about giving purpose and mission to younger leaders.” […]

Leadership Movements

The Power of Why

Why did you get out of bed today? Seriously. For a paycheck? To keep your job? To avoid boredom? Or perhaps because you were eager to pursue your calling. Because you believe that what you do today might make a difference tomorrow. Because deep down inside you believe you can change the world. Here is […]


Movements: What’s the Secret?

I have observed that almost any discussion on genuine spiritual movements eventually surfaces the question: “So, what’s the secret?” People lean in, notebooks shift, texting thumbs pause. Not that I can say with certainty, but I can offer personal observation after hundreds of conversations with leaders of a few dozen countries over the past 20 […]