John Mott on Establishing Movements

This is a long post, and well worth our time to digest. John Mott, global Christian statesman and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946 for developing volunteer Protestant movements, distills the essence of Christian movement-building for us. If you feel lost in emerging- missional- organic- apostolic- leader/follower-speak, Mott will refresh you. LESSONS I […]


August is Movement Month

“So, what exactly do you mean by movement?” People keep asking this question and they are serious. I believe people really want to know. We have a vague notion in our minds about movements. We’ve grown up hearing about political movements, the womens movement, the civil-rights movement, the gay-rights movement, and the Islamic fundamentalist movement. […]

Movements Students

Can You Launch A Movement In 60 Minutes?

Joe Cross did. In Mexico City. Read his blog. This excites me. I think of Paul and Silas, Titus on Crete, and 11 confused disciples on top of a hill staring into the sky and wondering if Jesus was really serious about going to all the world. All these people planted and nurtured ministries that […]