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My Thesis: A Paradigm for 21st Century Global Leaders

Do you wake up every day with a calling to lead people you can’t physically see or touch? Do you regularly engage in team or project work with people from other cultures? Do you long for the hype of “leader as omnipotent hero” to give way to a more authentic model of “leader as servant?” […]

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Foundations of Leading Well over Distance

Over the past 15 years I have constantly sought to answer this burning question, which I call the “Ten Day Rule of Heart:” If a global leader has no more than ten days per year of face-to-face time with his or her co-laborers in a multinational context, how can one appropriately serve, strengthen, inspire, align, […]

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Video: Social Media Revolution 2011

I know you’re probably tired of hearing more statistics about social media. But how well do you use it? How well does your organization, business, church or local ministry use social media to empower your vision champions? To drive change? To bring new business in the front door? To accomplish your mission? As leaders we […]