Korea: Now It Only Takes 27 Hours…

When Hudson Taylor left England for China 140-odd years ago, the boat ride took 23 weeks. And he went alone. At 21 years old. How times have changed. That’s Keith Bubalo (check out his blog) and me waiting for bags at the Incheon airport. We were just passing through en route to Busan, South Korea. […]

Movements Students

Revelation 7:9 Preview in Busan

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations….” These few words, spoken by Jesus to eleven confused men standing on a hillside, have captivated me since I began walking with the Lord. The core imperative—make disciples—increasingly shapes and defines my passion in life. Many friends have been asking me, “so, Ken, what is your […]


The Key to the Missionary Problem

Four months from today 15,000 – 20,000 Christian students and CCC staff members will gather in Busan, Korea. Why? To unite our hearts and raise our voices in magnifying our Lord Jesus Christ. Together we will worship, pray, fellowship, eat, share our lives, learn, and take bold steps into the future. We will also be […]